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Coggings & Co

There is a new kid on the block and they are to be found in Seven Dials which transformed completely in 2014 to become a hub of eclectic businesses and is fast becoming a destination both for day and night. New addition Coggins & Co was opened by local business man Andrew Coggins who previously owned and developed the renowned Preston Park Tavern as well as an exceptional career within the hospitality industry.  Fantastic selection of burgers with good meaty texture and seasoned, beautifully presented on a wooden board. There’s an option for gluten free baps and all the burgers are gluten free regardless, the drinks a mixture of freshly made milkshakes and soft drinks in jam jars with handles. The food experience is a positive one and in addition the actual restaurant has been well thought through. 

Name:   Coggings & Co
Address:   87-93 Dyke Road, Brighton
    Brighton & Hove
    East Sussex

  01273 220220