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The Old Market on Saturday June 16th at 8pm.

 See Trailer here:

‘Lost In Vagueness’ is a new documentary from veteran filmmaker Sofia Olins that traces the story of Lost Vagueness, an anarchic festival-within-a-festival that changed the landscape of the Glastonbury Festival forever. The director had been attending the festival since the 1990s and decided to “pick up a camera and follow a couple of the women as I thought that it was going to be a film about female sexuality on stage. After three or four years it was hard not to get lost down the rabbit hole as a lot of the performers were pretty wild and had amazing life stories so I followed a few of them but then eventually realised that the story was about Roy (Gurvitz, the brainchild behind the madness) and in the end it was fourteen years in the making. There was no social media when I first started filming and no mobile phones in the audience, so in the film you see how we are progressing as a society.” Eventually the relationship between Gurvitz and Glasto Guru Michael Eavis came to a head but Olins says that in the film “he does pay gratitude to the creativity that came out of Lost Vagueness which helped the public realise that something else was happening at Glastonbury and that it wasn’t just grungy bands and mud. He and many other people credit them for turning the image of the festival around. We tried to make (the film) a universal story and the narrative has two lines to it: one is the Lost Vagueness journey but the other one is Roy’s personal journey which means that people who have never been to Glastonbury can still enjoy the film. It’s an attempt to document a counter-culture and what it means in the wider culture of the UK today.”

‘Lost In Vagueness’ gets a special screening at The Old Market on June 16th as part of a UK tour. Olins says “We felt that it was important to show the film, not just in cinemas but in clubs with a bar and bands and DJs to have that immersive experience again.” She says that this is the night that she is “looking forward to the most as we have a couple of the original acts. One of them is The Two Wrongies who are kicking it all off, then we show the film and after we have an amazing gin soaked blues band (The Future Shape of Sound). Then we have one of the original casino DJs, DJ Bollox. There will also be a chill out room, themed cocktails and a lot of the original performers in the audience as there were a lot of Brighton based people that were very much Lost Vagueness headliners.”





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